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Search Screening Committee

The Knox County Superintendent Search Screening Committee will conduct their first joint meeting with the Knox County Board of Education on Tuesday, March 23, 6:45 pm, at the Board of Education Annex in Barbourville.

Members of the screening committee include Kevin Hinkle, Eric Hubbard, Gertrude Smith, Jennifer Vandy, Melodie Middleton, and Tabitha Frederick.


The screening committee is set by 160.352 160.352 Screening committee — Minority Representation — Recommendations for superintendent.

  • For purposes of this section the term “minority” means American Indian; Alaskan native;  African-American; Hispanic, including persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central or South American origin; Pacific islander; or other ethnic group underrepresented in a local school district.
  • Each board of education shall appoint a superintendent of schools after receiving the recommendations of a screening committee. A screening committee shall be established within thirty (30) days of a determination by a board of education that a vacancy has occurred or will occur in the office of superintendent, except that when the board determines a vacancy will not occur before six (6) months from the date of determination, the board shall establish a screening committee at least ninety (90) days before the first date on which the position may be filled.
  • A screening committee shall be composed of:
    (a) Two (2) teachers, elected by the teachers in the district;
    (b) One (1) board of education member, appointed by the board chairman;
    (c) One (1) principal, elected by the principals in the district;
    (d) One (1) parent, elected by the presidents of the parent-teacher organizations of
    the schools in the district;
    (e) One (1) classified employee, elected by the classified employees in the
    district; and
    (f) If a minority member is not elected or appointed to a screening committee in
    districts with a minority population of eight percent (8%) or more, as
    determined by the enrollment on the preceding October 1, the committee
    membership shall be increased to include one (1) minority parent. This
    minority parent member shall be elected by the parents in an election
    conducted by the local school board. Parents in the district shall be given
    adequate notice of the date, time, place, and purpose of the election.
  • Prior to appointing a superintendent of schools, the board of education shall
    consider the recommendations of the screening committee, but the board shall not
    be required to appoint a superintendent from the committee’s recommendations.