Jeremy Ledford shown outside the Board of Education office Mr. Jeremy Ledford became superintendent of the Knox County Public Schools on July 1, 2021. Prior to his new leadership role, Mr. Ledford was principal at Knox County Middle School.

In his time at Knox County Middle, Ledford moved the school to a top 10% middle school in the state with consecutive years of increasingly high test scores. He echoed that same goal for the district.

“My vision for KCPS is to become a top 10% performing school system in the state. I believe we have the best students, staff, teachers, board, and community in the state,” said Ledford.

“I know our community is ready to move forward and focus on kids first and give our students the best opportunity for success.”

Prior to becoming principal at Knox Middle, Ledford was a social studies teacher at the school. He joined the Knox County Public Schools as a social studies teacher in 2004 at Girdler Elementary. He earned his teaching degree in social studies at Union College and principalship at the University of the Cumberlands.

“I applied to be superintendent because I have a strong desire to help students grow and succeed not only in education but also in life,” said Ledford.

“I believe that we can build on the success that has already been established in Knox County Public Schools and move our school system to become top in the state in the next four years.”

When asked how will we get there, he replied, “the only way to achieve success is for the community to pull together and focus on what is best for kids.”

You may contact Superintendent Ledford via email at or by phone (606)645-2830.