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Any child who turns 5 on or before August 1 can enroll in full-day kindergarten. Children must enroll in kindergarten by the time they are 6, since under Kentucky state law, all children must be enrolled in school between the ages of 6 and 18.

Children who have mastered kindergarten benchmarks before age 5, and who turn 5 years old between August 2 and October 31, may be eligible for early admission to kindergarten.  For more information about early entry opportunities please call (606)546-3157, ext. 2404.

Health Requirements

To enter kindergarten, children must have a physical exam, a dental exam, and an eye exam. They must also have completed their immunizations.


Incoming kindergarten students are offered the opportunity to participate in a summer boost camp prior to their first day of school.  KinderBoost offers families the opportunity to learn more about the kindergarten program and concludes with a KinderBoost ceremony for those who complete the entire program.