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Superintendent Search Process

This page provides a quick snapshot overview of the superintendent search process.

  • A public survey will be launched by the district. (Complete) 
  • The facilitator will conduct a planning meeting with the Board. (Complete) 
  • The Board will develop the written vacancy notice and advertisement with any recruitment information. (Complete) 
  • The vacancy will enter into a period of advertisement and recruitment. (Complete) 
  • Meanwhile, the facilitator will work with the district to establish a screening committee. (Complete) 
  • The Board will meet with the screening committee to discuss their desired qualifications and other attributes of the next superintendent. (Complete) 
  • The screening committee will review applications and develop a list of recommendations. (In Progress) 
  • The Board and screening committee will meet to review the recommended candidates.
  • The facilitator will work with the Board and district to complete the search process including possible further examination of applications received, setup and conduct interviews, and any other needs of the board.