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Framework for Remote Teaching

The Knox County Public Schools will continue to utilize the Danielson Framework for best instructional practices, self-reflection, personal growth, and evaluation.

This Framework is a condensed and updated version of the full Danielson Framework for teaching and learning that focuses on best practices in times of remote learning. The components remain mostly the same but are presented in a different sequence and broken down to include elements of success, priorities, a place to start, and additional strategies for synchronous and asynchronous engagement.

For our purposes in this unusual year, we will focus on the elements of Planning Coherent Instruction (1e), Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques (3b), Engaging Students in Learning (3c), and Using Assessment for Learning (3d).

Resources from Knox County Public Schools:

Resources from The Danielson Group:

Supplemental Resources to Assist with 1e

Supplemental Resources to Assist with 3b and 3c

Supplemental Resources to Assist with 3d / Special Education