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Supplemental School Year Program

On March 24, Gov. Andy Beshear signed into law Senate Bill 128, which creates the Supplemental School Year Program. This emergency legislation allows any K-12 student enrolled during the 2020-2021 school year to use the 2021-2022 school year as a supplemental year to retake or supplement courses the student already has taken.

Students have until the end of the school day on Friday, April 30, to submit a request to their school or submit to the Central Office. The Board of Education has until June 1 to decide whether to accept all requests or no requests.

Facts to Know

  • Students cannot earn credit for the same required course or content more than once. (Example: a student can not pass Algebra I twice, and receive credit for both classes.)
  • If a student failed a course during the current school year, the student is eligible for credit due to the prior failure.
  • All students may apply including those identified as gifted and talented, special education, and in alternative programs.
  • KHSAA will be releasing additional guidance on April 9 about eligibility during the supplemental year.  Once that guidance has been reviewed by the district, we will post additional information on this page.

Benefits and Concerns

Benefits Concerns
Students may make up/retake classes from prior year or take supplemental classes. For Example, if a high school student was enrolled in US History, they would retake US History, or they could take AP US History as a supplement. Students will be returning to school with a new class of students as the vast majority of students in their grade will be promoted. 


Students who fail a high school course can retake that same course for credit. If the student did not fail the class, but is retaking it, they may not earn additional credit by passing it again in the supplemental year.  (Ex: two credits for US History)
Students who experienced learning loss because of the pandemic will have a full year of in person instruction. Students may not be academically challenged by repeating the same class/courses.
Students may participate in extracurricular activities as long as they meet KHSAA age and other eligibility requirements. Depending on the student’s age, they may be  ineligible for KHSAA sports during the 2021-22 school year.


If you are interested in having your child repeat their current grade level in the 2021-2022 school year, please fill out the application and return it to your child’s school or mail it to the Board of Education.  Printed copies are available at each school office and the Central Office (200 Daniel Boone Drive, Barbourville).

Supplemental School Year Application (PDF Downloadable Document)

If mailing application:
Supplemental School Year Program
Knox County Board of Education
200 Daniel Boone Drive
Barbourville, Kentucky 40906

Families are encouraged to reach out to their principal or guidance counselor if they have questions regarding the supplemental school year.  You may also e-mail with any questions.