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We are excited that you are taking the step to give your child a great start!  Our school district partners with KCEOC to serve as many preschool-aged (3-4 year old) at-risk and/or disabled students as possible.

Preschool Screenings

Preschool screening is a free service offered by the Knox County Public Schools in collaboration
with the KCEOC Head Start Program and is one way of locating and identifying preschool age
children with special needs or are considered at-risk. Children ages 3 or 4 on August 1, may
be eligible for Head Start and/or Preschool.


Each family wishing to enroll their child in the preschool program must complete an application.  Parents will complete one application for both programs, KCPS or KCEOC headstart.

You can return the application along with proof of all household income to the Preschool Department at the Knox County Board of Education. You may fax the application to 606-546-7715, or email to, or drop off at or mail to Knox County Board of Education, 200 Daniel Boone Drive, Barbourville, KY 40906.

Screening Dates

While we do mass screenings to assist with enrollment for the upcoming year, any parent of a 3 or 4 year old may apply at any time for our preschool program. If it is after our scheduled spring screening date times, we will process your application and schedule a separate screening for your child. For more information, please contact the Knox Board of Education, Office of the Director of Special Populations.

Needed Items

These documents are required before we can fully process the application (copies preferred).  These items will not be required at the screening, but will be required before beginning preschool:
Eye Exam Form
Social Security Card (optional)
Birth Certificate
Proof of Income (check stub, W-2, or tax returns)
Physical Exam Form
Up to date Immunization Certificate
Dental Exam
Completed Application