Dewitt Elementary Syllabi

Below is the course syllabi for Dewitt Elementary.
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TeacherSchoolCourse NameSyllabus
Ronda GambrelDewitt Elementary1st Grade ScienceSyllabus
Ronda GambrelDewitt Elementary1st Grade Social StudiesSyllabus
Ronda GambrelDewitt Elementary2nd Grade ScienceSyllabus
Ronda GambrelDewitt Elementary2nd Grade Social StudiesSyllabus
Melissa MillsDewitt Elementary3rd Grade ReadingSyllabus
Melissa MillsDewitt Elementary3rd grade scienceSyllabus
Melissa MillsDewitt Elementary3rd grade social studiesSyllabus
Melissa MillsDewitt Elementary3rd Grade- MathSyllabus
Alexis CarnesDewitt Elementary4th Grade- MathSyllabus
Alexis CarnesDewitt Elementary4th Grade- ScienceSyllabus
Alexis CarnesDewitt Elementary4th Grade- Social StudiesSyllabus
Alexis CarnesDewitt Elementary4th Grade-ReadingSyllabus
Cyndi Early/Tessa TerrellDewitt Elementary6th Grade - MathSyllabus
Tessa TerrellDewitt Elementary6th Grade - MathSyllabus
Cyndi EarlyDewitt Elementary6th Grade - ScienceSyllabus
Tessa TerrellDewitt Elementary6th Grade - ScienceSyllabus