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Intent to Apply – GSP

We ask that all Knox County applicants, or interested applicants, to please complete an initial Intent to Apply.  This will assist the district in making plans for the number of application reviewers and the amount of time that will be needed to review applications.

Even if you are not 100% sure you will submit the application, by going ahead and completing the intent to apply will sign you up for reminder emails and helpful tips.


Intent to Apply Form 

Please submit it ASAP, even if you are unsure whether you will submit an application.  By completing the intent to apply, we will be able to provide you guidance and support throughout the application process.
First Review of Application at Your School

Due November 1, 2021

Second Review of Application at Your School

Due December 1, 2021

Application Submission to KCPS District

December 15, 2021

Need Help?

District Point of Contact

Frank Shelton
Please send emails to:

Knox Central High School

Fatemia Fuson

Lynn Camp Schools 

Deanna Dozier