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COVID-19 Contact Information

We want to make it easy to contact our staff during the COVID-19 coronavirus closure.  Maybe you have a quick question that can be answered via email.  Or perhaps your problem requires you to explain it to your teacher, verbally.  Either way, we are providing both email addresses and voicemail boxes for all employees in our district.  (Or perhaps you just want to leave a note saying hello, that’s great too!)

At right you will find links to all of our schools and you can choose between e-mail addresses or voicemail extensions.

Below are the main office numbers for our schools including attendance clerk, counselor, and FRYSC points of contact.

SchoolSchool PhoneAttendance ClerkCounselor(s)FRYSC
Central Elementary546-3496Teresa EngleRebecca JonesSusie Prichard
Dewitt Elementary542-4274Toni NoelRebecca JonesDerrick Mills
Flat Lick Elementary542-4712Andrea HammonsSallee BurchetteDerrick Mills
Girdler Elementary546-4859Kay SmithBrenda SearsWendi Hacker
GR Hampton Elem.546-4169Donna GrayBrenda SearsDonna Woolum
Jesse D. Lay Elem.546-6524Kay TownsleySallee BurchetteDeLisa Estes
Knox Appalachian546-2568Teresa HammonsRhonda Abner
Knox Central HS546-9253Joann RoarkTammy Baker and Charlie CollinsCody Miller
Knox County Middle545-5267Donna CainStephanie SandersKris Mills
Knox Day Treatment545-5410Annette GambrelRhonda Abner
Knox Learning Acad.545-5410Annette GambrelRhonda Abner
Lynn Camp Elem.523-1814Janet SmithJaline JacksonDarya Logan
Lynn Camp M/H528-5429Betty WoolumDeanna Dozier and Jalisa GayDarya Logan