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The Road Back to School – Fall 2020

Knox County Public Schools, consulting with the Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, CDC, Knox County Health Department, and Barbourville ARH, are working throughout the summer on our Road Back to School.  Like any long-distance trip, there are times you must stop for directions, detour, recalculate your GPS, and even change plans on the way.

The destination? An environment that provides safe and healthy opportunities for students to learn, for teachers to instruct, and for employees to support the educational process.

We will keep this page updated as we start on the Road Back to School.  Jump on board, follow along with us, and ask questions (like the kids in the back seat – are we there yet?) as we approach the start of school.

information iconInformation Center:  Frequently Asked Questions 
We know that you have questions about the Road Back to School.  So do we!  As guidance is issued by the Kentucky Department of Education, local and state public health officials, and other government agencies, we will be sharing answers to those questions.

We have launched our frequently asked questions site for the latest answers that we can provide to questions that we have received.  We encourage you to visit it often, as new information will be posted.  This is a fluid situation and some answers may change depending on new guidance received.   (Posted July 31, 2020)

Preschool screenings road sign with arrowsFirst Stop Ahead: Preschool Screenings 
The Knox County Preschool and KCEOC Headstart programs will conduct screenings, by appointment only, on August 12 at G.R. Hampton and Lynn Camp Elementary.

Preschool students will be eligible for Learning@School and Learning@Home. For complete information about the screening visit our news site, or for information about the KCPS preschool program including how it will look for students that are Learning@School, visit our preschool page(Posted July 30, 2020)

Recreation road sign showing basketball and high school sportsRecreational Stop (Fall Sports Update) 
KCPS continues to monitor the guidance from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association concerning fall sports.  For the latest updates visit their website and look for releases under the COVID-19 Information block.

Elementary girls’ basketball will be moved to the spring semester with dates to be announced.

Students participating in Learning@School and Learning@Home are eligible for extracurricular and athletic opportunities.  As in the past, the student’s involvement in school will play a role in their eligibility.  For 2020-2021, attendance and participation (daily work completion) will be the factors in the district’s 6 or more unexcused and no play policy.  (Posted July 30, 2020)

Location Pin with start here textThe First Day of School for Students
K-12 students will begin school on Monday, August 24, 2020. Preschool students will begin school on Monday, August 31, 2020.

For those students Learning@School, our doors will open at 7:30am.
(Posted July 15, 2020)

School building outline Learning@School
In order to ensure social distancing, KCPS will offer an A/B schedule in school.
Students on schedule A will attend school on Monday and Tuesday.
Students on schedule B will attend school on Thursday and Friday.

On days that students are not in school, they will have assignments to complete at home.  Everyone will be Learning@Home on Wednesday to allow our custodial staff extra time to sanitize the school. (Posted July 15, 2020)

Home icon in blueLearning@Home
Families that choose the Learning@Home option for their child will receive access to each teacher’s digital classroom. The classroom will contain instruction, activities, and assessments for the students to complete. A Chrome device will be loaned to any student without a device. Students without Internet service at home may sync their classroom anytime they connect to the Internet (ex: at a relative’s home, friend’s, etc.) Our schools will also provide wireless Internet in  the parking lot for those unable to connect elsewhere. (Posted July 15, 2020)

School bus stop ahead signStudent Transportation
As students enter the bus their temperature will be taken by the bus monitor.
Students must have a temperature 100.4° or less. If their temperature is
higher, they will be able to return home or the family will be called to come
to the bus to walk the child home. Students will load the bus from back to front and unload from front to back. Masks will be required when riding the bus. A log will be kept of where each student sits on the bus for contact tracing purposes.  (Posted July 15, 2020)

Road with Y-split road signThank you to our families that completed our survey over the past few weeks.  While we are still receiving additional mail each day, the trend data that we have shows us that families want a choice between Learning@Home and Learning@School.  Therefore, our district and school leadership teams are preparing for teacher workdays that will provide instructional lessons and activities that are equivalent for both the home learner or the one in the classroom.

During the week of July 6, our district participated in several virtual meetings with state superintendents, educational cooperatives, and the Kentucky Department of Education to continue learning (and making lists) about the year to come.  Each piece of guidance is being reviewed and will be shared with our workgroup team next Friday.  Ultimately, the reopening of school will be filtered through the criteria of is it safe for our students, our staff, and everyone’s families. 

Next week Knox County families can expect to learn more about the Learning@Home and Learning@School options.  Each family will be contacted to determine which learning method will work best for their student as we start the fall semester.  (Posted July 11, 2020) 

travel bag clipart with post it notes on luggageMany families have asked us about the sanitation of our schools, masks, and other #HealthyatWork and #HealthyatSchool protocols.  We want you to know that our supplies for the trip back to school are coming in daily including hundreds of gallons of hand and desk sanitation, multiple thermometers for each bus and school, masks for each student and staff member, and ion misters that will cover 8,000 sq ft with sanitation within minutes (perfect for use in classrooms, offices, cafeterias, and buses.)  We are working with our custodial vendors to purchase the safest and most efficient cleaning materials and reviewing the EPA registered list of proven disinfectant products. (Posted July 11, 2020) 

Map with question markEach family was mailed a survey the week of June 15 asking about their experience with remote learning in the spring, technology devices and Internet availability at their home, and thoughts on how school should look in the fall.  If you did not receive a copy of the survey please e-mail communications@knox.kyschools.us with your name and address.

hand with stop signWhen visiting our schools and offices, visitors and employees will be required to complete a brief health check and have their temperature taken.  Masks are required when meeting with someone and/or when social distancing is not possible.  If you are sick or have been sick in the past 24 hours, we ask that you please call instead of visiting.

Checklist clipartOn our Road Back to School, we have checklists starting now until the time that students get on the bus or are dropped off at school, all the way until students are dropped off at home and end of day sanitation takes place.   Here are a few check list items to know about:

                • Students and staff will have their temperature checked each day.
                • Masks will be required for staff, visitors, and students.  Masks will be provided.  Masks will not be required for children under the age of 6 or for those with medical exemptions.  In addition to mealtimes, there may be periods of the day that the mask may be removed such as in classrooms where social distancing is possible.
                • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing cleaner are being procured with some already delivered.
                • Students will be spaced out as much as possible on buses with masks in place when social distancing is not possible.
                • Common areas will not be used by large groups of students.

These are just a few items to know as we head on the road back to school.  Complete checklists will be posted on our website as they are finalized.

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COVID 19 Road Back to School website

State Resources

Resources include:
COVID testing locations, current data, and #HealthyatHome guidelines.

Kentucky Department of Education COVID-19 Reopening Guidance

Knox County Work Groups

Work groups have been established to review guidance, make suggestions, seek additional input, and plan our Road Back to School.

We will begin adding minutes from those meetings here.

Calendar showing August 24 start date of school

Registration Information

Enrollment packets may be picked up at any Knox County school.  They contain universal forms, so you will only need to visit one school to pick up forms for the entire household regardless of which school they attend.

If you would like to print the forms at home, please download:

The following information is available for:

Completed applications, registration and enrollment forms may be dropped off Monday through Thursday, 9am until 2pm, each day.