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Student Assignments

Information updated on May 10, 2020

When will assignments for the last weeks of school be collected?

Assignments may be turned in on Tuesday, May 12, from 11am until 1pm, during meal pickup at our elementary schools.  Please label all work with the student’s name, teacher’s name and school name. 

On Friday, May 15, we will run buses throughout the county as we did at the start of COVID-19 to offer student meals and to collect assignments.  Buses will depart our elementary schools at 12 noon.  Meal pickup service will be offered at each elementary school from 11am until 1pm.  Assignments may be dropped off during meal pickup.

All assignments must be submitted by Friday, May 15, 2020. 

When is the last day of school (NTI work)?

Thursday, May 14, 2020 will be the last school day of the year.

Where is my assignment? 

Downloadable copies of assignments are available on our NTI website at nti.knoxkyschools.com

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I need a paper copy of the assignments.  How do I get those? 

Our attendance specialists and school resource officers will deliver packets to those who need printed copies.  Call (606)277-2400 and anytime during the message dial 1.